Chris Johnson announces CBBC Office departure



CBBC Office presenter Chris Johnson has announced that he is to leave at the start of September.

Chris, who is currently the lead continuity presenter, joined the channel in January 2010 presenting weekends with Ed Petrie. Before continuing with holiday mornings and weekends with the likes of London Hughes and Dodge the Dog.

Then, following Iain Stirling leaving, took over weekday afternoons with Hacker the Dog in February 2013 where he’s remained for the past year and half.

Chris has also voiced Dennis the Menace in a recent reboot, appeared in shows such as 12 Again and narrated new hit Whoops I Missed The Bus. He’s also a member of Doctor Who Magazine’s Time Team and voiced characters for online interactive game The Gunpowder Plot.

Announcing the news on his personal Twitter page, Chris wrote: “Sep 5th will be my last day in the CBBC Office. It’s been amazing but after playing ‘Chris’ for 4 years it’s time to try something new.

“For those asking, I’m not gone from the CBBC Channel entirely – Dennis the Menace & Gnasher is on every day & there are more shows to come.”

You can watch Chris most weekday afternoons from 4:00pm on the CBBC Channel and CBBC HD.

Chris’ final day in the CBBC Office will be Friday 5th September 2014.


Horrible Holidays – Get Amongst It

UPDATE: Since this video was posted it has been removed from YouTube due to copyright problems. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

It’s Horrible Holidays and the CBBC Gang have a different take on the “Get Amongst It” Song.

If you can’t see the video below, click here.

Are CBBC Presenters too childish? – Your thoughts 2

Part 1 of your thoughts about if CBBC Presenters are too childish can be found here.

ClaireLouise: I really don’t think so seeing as sometimes they say some things that most children won’t even understand. I think it’s great. I love it :D

Louise: CBBC Presenters are not childish it’s just the usuall case of some kids being so thick they don’t get the gags so accuse them of being childish. Ed and Oucho had some jokes that only adults would get that’s what made them cool yet kids would slag them off saying there childish.Seems to be the same case happening again here.

Hannah: The presenters are childish because the program was made for CHILDREN! CBBC PEOPLE!

Marc: As an educator of 5-11 year olds I can say that often the language used by the presenters actually stretches childrens understanding by using words and phrases they wouldn’t come across in everyday conversation.

Stephen: They must have had a sense of humour bypass if they don’t find Iain and Hacker funny!!!
If these type of people ruled the world, everything that is funny would be outlawed.
I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. Whoever it was that complained, are going to lead extremely boring and miserable lives.

Lesley: Isnt it the point,its for kids and they have a sense of humour which is not constraint by someone elses opinion of what they should find funny.but as a 44 yr old woman i love iain and hacker,i watch with my 18 yr old just so we can have a laugh,you should never lose your inner child.

Julie: 3 generations of my family LOVE Iain & Hacker aged from 12 to 60 something.

Meanwhile, CBBC Presenter Iain Stirling has made numerous “comedy” comments about the matter on his Twitter page.

IainDoesJokes: A complaint has been made about me on #PointsOfView my life is complete!

IainDoesJokes: Apparently I’m too childish. You have no idea how happy this makes me! #PointsOfView

IainDoesJokes: Ok so it turns out @FunnyMissLondon and @ChrisIsSnowie are the ones they complained about. They are babyish. According to#PointsOfView

IainDoesJokes: Should point out this is nonsense! #PointsOfView

Warrick, Oucho and Dodge from CBBC, replied to Iain: “They are aren’t they?I knew it couldn’t have been the rest of us. We’re so very VERY mature, as we proved today.”

No other CBBC Presenters have posted on the report. Chris is on holiday till tomorrow.

If you haven’t aired your view on the matter, we’d love to here it. So comment below with your thoughts.

If you haven’t seen the video of the report, it’s below!

If you can’t see the video below, click here.

UPDATE: Since this video was posted it has been removed from YouTube due to copyright problems. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Are CBBC Presenters too childish? – Your thoughts

We’ve been asking for your comments on a report that was shown on today’s “Points of View”, which said CBBC Presenters are too childish. Below I’ve taken comments posted on our post, Iain and Hacker Facebook page and from Twitter.

Melody: I am sorry, but surely CHILDRENS television SHOULD be CHILDISH!!!! I am a 38 year old professional woman and I thoroughly enjoy watching Iain and Hackers anchor links with my 10 and 13 year old children… They are one of the funniest things on television!!! The humour appeals to young and old alike… I think some people need to get a grip and worry about other more important things affecting this country at the moment!!!! :-(

Christina: I’m 18 so obviously I don’t watch CBBC anymore, but I’ll sometimes catch it if I’m flicking through channels or can’t find anything else to watch, and I do have to admit that the presenting is extremely cringey, and I can imagine it must be patronising to young children, especially since they seem to be growing up a lot faster these days. The jokes aren’t funny at all and I can’t imagine young children would even understand what’s funny about them. It was much better in my day! But on the plus side, Iain Stirling is very nice on the eyes!

Caroline: As a 35 yr old adult i think the cbbc presenters are great, as does my 11 yr old son. it is all clean innocent fun

Megan:  no!!!! i love iain, he is childish (in an amazingly funny way) but what do you really expect it is a childrens channel?!

Scott: How could a childrens channel not be childish?

Laura: Who are these children?! I’m sure they are the ONLY children who complain about it! I love Iain and hacker and I’m 28, my 7 year old daughter loves them too, we think they’re hilarious and if those 2 kids out of millions watching want to switch over then do so and let us all enjoy it! Keep up the good work guys!

Funky cat: OMG they are NOT childish,it’s called FUN!!!

Lucy: Absolutely ridiculous!! Children’s television is for children! My children are aged 6 and 10 and they both love the presenter links. (So do I and I’m 32!)I think it would be such a shame if they started dumbing down the presenters and trying to inject maturity into something that’s supposed to be fun. Kids these days grow up far too quickly as it is. The last thing we need is our children being treated like mini adults in one of the only areas of life that is devoted specifically to them, children’s television. Keep childhood childish!!!!

Emma: I’m 22 and I find Iain and Hacker hilarious. To be honest I think that some of the humour children might not understand as much as adults would, it’s just said in a bit of a silly/childish way. I think that Hacker is great for improving kids vocabulary. How many children use the word whimsical in day to day conversation? I do find Chloe, London and Chris irritating but that’s because they’re not meant to aimed at my age group. I can see why children would like them and surely that’s the whole point. Surely by making the presenters more grown up CBBC would lose a lot of it’s younger viewers as it’d be boring.

Stephen:  I am 43 years old and think Iain & Hacker are the funniest thing to happen to children’s television in years. I, with my 11 year old daughter watch CBBC especially to see Iain & Hacker, never mind the programmes. I must admit that Chris & London are a little bit much, but we tolerate them as we know that Iain & Hacker have to have a break at some point. One other thing. If like these two VERY grown up boys, you dislike Iain & Hacker, then you must have had a sense of humour bypass. Please turn over Iain & Hacker haters, CBBC are well rid of you!!!!

Tanya: Iain and Hacker are hilarious. And that Chris. They should be on more and there should be a wee bit less Tracey Beaker. My kids are bored of her. In fact, get rid of Sadies J and that terrible show with the monster Muppets in. Just more Horrible Histories and more Iain and Hacker.

08Tom: I agree that you don’t need to be childish, But you can’t not have no fun so it’s all about finding the right balance which i not sure all have got that

Lynn: Never heard anything so daft… I love watching Iain and Hacker with my 7 year old, we both love them, they are good fun and just what children need.

ZZZapJohnnyII: As CBBC said, they can’t cater for everyone and this is just two boy’s opinions. They also said, “we want to turn the tv off… which is basically making CBBC loose it’s viewers”, well the fact that two people have turned off/over isn’t going to make them loose viewers.

AlanDaviesGirl: I’m NINETEEN and I love Chris and London! Surely if they don’t want to watch the presenters, they can go and get snacks or drinks, or do something between the programmes? Or use iplayer!

We still want more views. So comment on this post with your view on the matter.

If you haven’t seen the video of the report, it’s below!

If you can’t see the video below, click here.

UPDATE: Since this video was posted it has been removed from YouTube due to copyright problems. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Points of View – CBBC Presenters “too childish”

UPDATE: Since this video was posted it has been removed from YouTube due to copyright problems. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

There was a report of Points of View today about the CBBC Presenters being “too childish”. Take a look at the report below. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you can’t see the video below, click here.