Iain Stirling to present ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’



Iain Stirling is to present CBBC’s new comedy panel show The Dog Ate My Homework.

The show is “school based” and apparently “lets you down, lets CBBC down, and above all, lets itself down”.

It will see two teams (made up of comedians, celebrity guest and junior sidekicks) face a mixture of tongue-in-cheek comedy, off-the-wall questions, nonsensical studio games, and slapstick challenges.

CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor has described the show as “CBBC’s answer to Mock the Week“.

Iain Stirling is a BAFTA-nominated comedian who presented CBBC continuity links from May 2009 till January 2013.

It is not currently known when The Dog Ate My Homework will air, but filming takes place in October – tickets are available by clicking here.

What did Katie Thistleton do before she was a CBBC presenter? She was CBBC bosses’ PA

Katie Thistleton


Katie Thisleton joined the CBBC Office presenting team in January of this year, being the first female member of the team since 2011 when comedian London Hughes left after the move from London to Salford.

Katie had been working for CBBC since 2011 where she was personal assistant to the controllers of CBBC and younger children channel CBeebies. Then in autumn last year, she got a job as a researcher or CBeebies radio.

But when new CBBC boss Cheryl Taylor took over in late 2012 she asked Katie if she wanted to do a screen test for the channel.

Speaking to BBC Ariel in March, Katie said: “I hadn’t ever done a screen test and I just thought, Oh God, that’s terrifying. It’s something that was a dream job, obviously. But I just thought it was a bit too unreachable because it’s hard enough getting a researcher job at the BBC, never mind becoming a presenter.”



The website notes that since moving to Salford all of the CBBC continuity presenters have been male (Iain, Chris, Ben) and even dogs Hacker & Dodge are male.

Annie Dixon, executive producer said: “We’d been looking for a new female presenter at CBBC for 18 months and more. Cheryl and [previous CBBC boss] Damian Kavanagh said Katie had something special. So we did the screen test and we all thought, Eh, you’re not bad.”

Katie, who has a journalism qualification and an English and creative writing degree, said her ambition was to work behind the scenes at CBBC. So didn’t want to give up the CBeebies radio production role.

In January, she started both roles – working four days a week with the CBeebies radio team and Thursday’s at CBBC recording the weekend continuity.

Katie continues: “I sit in brainstorms with the CBBC production team as a presenter, but I’m used to being in CBeebies meetings as a researcher.”

She said she still gets annoyed at mistakes, such as forgetting her lines!

“I think I’ll get used to it because the other guys have done it for so long that, when they forget, they joke about it and move on. If anything, it makes it funnier but I’m still at that stage where I panic about it.”

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Thursday 26th September 2013 to be Helen Skelton’s last ‘Blue Peter’ – read about the show here!



Helen Skelton is to bow out as the 33rd Blue Peter presenter on Thursday 26th September 2013.

The show will air in the normal time slot of 5:30 to 6:00pm and will see Helen face “one of her toughest challenges yet” – a gruelling 30-mile Royal Marine Yomp, marching across upland Dartmoor, carrying heavy weights and safety equipment on her back.

This challenge, which has also been taken on by previous Blue Peter presenters Gethin Jones and Peter Duncan, must be completed in eight hours for Helen to succeed, and she must also navigate the route herself alongside the rest of her fellow recruits.

Helen SkeltonCould you see dare devil Helen leave any other way?

Her previous challenges include a 2010 mile kayak adventure along the Amazon, a 150 metre long and 66 metre high wire walk between the towers of Battersea Power Station and a 500 mile trip across Antarctica to the South Pole by ski, kite and bike.

Helen will also take part in her last ever Blue Peter “make” which is a model of the set of CBBC’s Wolfblood (which returns on Monday 23 September!).

Lindsey Russell is to join Blue Peter today after winning Blue Peter – You Decide! earlier in the year, with Radzi Chinyanganya joining at the start of October – replacing Helen.

Blue Peter airs every Thursday on the CBBC Channel at 5:30pm and on CBBC iPlayer for a week after broadcast.

SUMMER POLL #2: Are you looking forward to the new ‘Blue Peter’ presenting team?

Yesterday afternoon, Helen Skelton announced that she is to leave Blue Peter at the end of September and will be succeeded by Wild‘s Radzi Chinyanganya.

This news comes only two weeks after Lindsey Russell was voted as the winner of Blue Peter – You Decide! in front of a live audience at CBBC Live In Leeds.

Barney Harwood is to stay with the show.

Lindsey will join at the start of September, with Radzi first appearing on the show in mid-October. So by the end of October you’ll have a brand new Blue Peter line up to look forward to:

Barney Harwood, Lindsey Russell, Radzi Chinyanganya.



© BBC/Andrew Hayes-Watkins

© BBC/Andrew Hayes-Watkins



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