‘Wolfblood’ series 2 starts TOMORROW @ 5pm on CBBC

© BBC/Michael Clement

© BBC/Michael Clement

Wolfblood is back for it’s second series tomorrow afternoon on the CBBC channel at 5pm, read the snopsis for the episode below:

CBBC’s fantasy drama Wolfblood follows the lives of two seemingly ordinary teenagers who are secretly part of a mysterious race who have lived among us for centuries, disguising their abilities and blending in.

Wolfbloods like Maddy and Rhydian have razor sharp senses with an amazing sense of smell and are incredibly fast and super strong. They also change into wolves every full moon…

In the first episode of this second series, Rhydian unexpectedly returns to Stoneybridge, putting Maddy and her family in danger. Meanwhile, Tom discovers Shannon has a surveillance camera hidden in the den and she persuades him it’s for the Wolfbloods’ own good – that if they are discovered, she can prove they are not monsters.

Wolfblood stars Bobby Lockwood (Rhydian), Aimee Kelly (Maddy), Louisa Connolly-Burnham (Shannon) and Kedar Williams-Stirling (Tom) and was filmed entirely on location in Northumberland.

Then afterwards at 5:30pm airs the new 15 minute spin off Wolfblood Uncovered, which “follows Bobby Lockwood – who plays Rhydian – as he sets out to find out everything there is to know about wolves and to discover how their incredible capabilities have inspired the wolfbloods in the show”.

The second episode for both series airs on Tuesday.