The CBBC Blog’s 2013 Survey Results are in!

This summer we once again asked you to tell us what you think about CBBC and the results are in.

  • Blue Peter was voted as the “best show” on CBBC.
  • 63% said the CBBC continuity links were ‘Brilliant’.
  • 93% of people say they’d like CBBC to air a live Saturday morning show.
  • 88% said they think CBBC should have a mobile/tablet app*.

To read the full 2013 survey results click here.

To see the full list of where CBBC shows rated click here.

*Since our survey closed, the BBC Trust have confirmed that a CBBC app will launch for iOS and Andriod devices in late 2013 / early 2014.

We’ve launched the CBBC Blog’s 2013 Survey!

This Survey is NOT connected to the BBC – CBBC in any way.  The survey is made and run by the CBBC Blog and the results will be for the blog’s use only.

Last year we decided to review CBBC as whole in our 2012 survey.  Since that was a whole year ago, we think it’s about time we had a review and launched ‘The CBBC Blog’s 2013 Survey’.  So we invite you to review and express your opinions on CBBC in our survey.

This years CBBC Blog’s survey has now launched. To find out more and to take part CLICK HERE.


#CBBCBlogAsks Which classic CBBC show would you love to bring back?

Last night we asked our wonderful Twitter followers: Which classic CBBC show they’d love to bring back and why. We had many responses, some telling us why and others just stating the show. We then re-asked the question again on Sunday morning to catch any morning people – to which received more responses. At the time of writing, we’ve had an amazing 23 responses. See below as we list all the ‘classic’ shows our readers want to see again!

PLEASE NOTE: CBBC Blog is not responsible for any content found via any of the linked Twitter accounts.

Thought of a show that isn’t on the list? Comment below or tweet us @CBBCBlog.

P.O.T.W: 29/11/2012 – 06/12/2012 (S3 Q4)

Season 3, Question 4:

With the news that CBBC is ending on BBC Two in the mornings on Friday 30th November 2012 we want to know:
Will you miss the choice of two CBBC slots in the mornings?


This poll closes on Thursday 6th December 2012 @ 8pm.

P.O.T.W: 22/10/2012 – 28/10/2012 (S3 Q3)

Season 3, Question 3:
Have you enjoyed the first series of Wolfblood?


This poll closes on Sunday 28th October 2012 @ 2pm.