The CBBC Blog’s 2013 Survey Results

The CBBC Blog's 2013 Survey Results

After the success of last years survey we decided that this summer we would ask fans of CBBC, from children to parents, to come take part in our 2013 Survey.  We had just over 100 people take part but only 81 could be counted as the rest not completed correctly. Below we present the results of the survey in sections;

Who took part? – 

Out of the 81 people who took part in the survey 53% (43) were female and 47% (38) were male.  42% (34) of people were aged between 9 – 12, 27% (22) were aged 13-15, 15% (12) 16-21, 6% (5) 8 or younger, 5% (4) 22-27, 4% (3) 35-49, 1% (1) 50 or older and no one took part between the ages 28-34.

CBBC Channel – 

The CBBC Channel is the main TV platform for CBBC content and as part of the survey we asked ‘How often do you watch the CBBC Channel day to day?’. In the results of our survey most people said they only watched the CBBC channel for their favourite CBBC show only, which is different from last years results.  The results also shows that people watch considerably less or not at all at the weekend compared to last years results.  Monday was shown to be the day that most people stayed watching the longest – compared to last year people said they watched less of CBBC, However the results show that watching the CBBC channel for a long time or for a show in particular was more popular than just watching CBBC for the continuity links in between the show which rated lower than it did in our previous survey.

In the 2013 survey we asked how would people rate CBBC continuity links (presenters and studio) and 63% (51) of people rated it ‘Brilliant’ while only 3% (2) rated it ‘Terrible’.

We went on to ask people to rate the CBBC Channel schedule and how easy it was to find the CBBC Channel.  38% (31) rated the schedule ‘Good’ while only 6% rated it ‘Bad’. 96% (78) said the CBBC Channel was easy to find.

Finally in this section we asked: ‘How would you rate the CBBC Channel?’.  58% (47) rated it ‘Brilliant’ while just 11% (9) said it was ‘Average’.

CBBC Shows –

We ask people to review the shows on CBBC in general.  We asked;

‘How would you rate the standard of CBBC shows?‘;

‘Brilliant’ 54% (44), ‘Good’ 32% (26), ‘Average’ 7% (6), ‘Bad’ 4% (3), ‘Terrible’ 3% (2).

‘How would you rate the variety of shows CBBC offers?’;

‘Brilliant’ 52% (42), ‘Good’ 30% (24), ‘Average’ 15% (12), ‘Bad’ 4% (3)

‘Do you think CBBC should have a live Saturday morning show?’;

94% of people voted ‘Yes’.

As part of this years survey we asked people to choose out of 94 current CBBC shows listed at least 3 but no more than 5 of there best CBBC shows in the CBBC Show Vote.  In total there was 399 votes and below is the top 3;

1st  Blue Peter (27 Votes)

2nd –  4 O’Clock Club (22 Votes)

3rd  Wolfblood (20 Votes)

To see the full show vote result click here.

CBBC Extra – 

In this section we ask about the CBBC Extra (Red Button) service.  We asked if people use it and how would they would rate it?

43% (35) of people said they don’t use CBBC Extra while 31% (25) said they only used it a few times, 15% (12) say they use it “all the time”.

Most people rated it ‘Average’ (30% (24)) with 25% (20) saying it was ‘Brilliant’, but only 12% (10) said it was ‘Bad’.

CBBC iPlayer –

CBBC iPlayer is the service where you can catch up with CBBC shows anytime.  We were interested in how many people used the service and how they access it.

The top results were; 28% (23) said they use CBBC iPlayer a few times on their PC/Laptop and 35% (28) said they don’t use it at all on their Mobile/Tablet device.

But 24% (19) said the use CBBC iPlayer all the time on PC/Laptop and 28% (23) said they use it all the time on their Mobile/Tablet device.

CBBC Website – 

The CBBC website is one of the most view sites on the BBC’s website. But what did you think of it and where do you use it most?

43% (35) rated the CBBC website as ‘Brilliant’ while 19% (15) thought it was ‘Average’. 30% (24) said they use the CBBC website on their PC/Laptop all the time, But only 17% (14) said they used it all the time on their Mobile/Tablet. While 40% (32) said they don’t use it at all on their Mobile/Tablet.

We also touched on the future and asked ‘Should CBBC have an App?’. 88% (71) of people said voted ‘Yes‘.

CBBC  – 

We finished our 2013 survey by asking about CBBC in general.  We asked;

‘Do you think CBBC should be advertised more?’

77% (62) voted ‘Yes’, 23% (19) voted ‘No’.

‘Do you think CBBC is doing enough for it’s audience ?’

74% (60) voted ‘Yes’, 26% (21) voted ‘No’.

‘Do you think CBBC need to appeal to a bigger audience?’

72% (58) voted ‘Yes’, 28% (23) voted ‘No’.

We then asked about the over all look and feel of the CBBC brand. 44% (36) rated it ‘Brilliant’ with only 12% (10) rated it ‘Average’.

For the first time, this year CBBC did a ‘CBBC Live in Leeds’ event. We asked if you thought CBBC should do more of these type of events? – 82% (66) voted ‘Yes’ with only 18% (15) voting against the idea.

Our last question was asking people to rate CBBC as a whole. 59% (48) of people rated it ‘Brilliant’. While 30% (24) said ‘Good’, 10% (10) said ‘Average’ and just 1 person said voted ‘Terrible’.

– – –

So what do you think about these results?  Where did your favourite show rate in our breakdown? Let’s us know what you think in the comments below.

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in this year’s survey. Below we have written out some of the comments people left under our open ended opinions question.

– – –

Below is a few comments of what people thought about CBBC;

To read a longer list click here.

CBBC should do more of…

“More weekly editions of Blue Peter”

“Saturday morning TV!”

“My Life”

“I would love CBBC to try and get the audience more involved and add more excitement into it like it was in the past, e.g. 50/50, Get Your Own Back, TMi, SMart etc.”


“Do more stuff for teenagers such as 13-15 yrs. I don’t like other kids programs and CBBC is the best.”

“Chris and Hacker”

“live events” & “Live shows”

CBBC should do less of…

“Ending at 6:50″


“Songs because they get irritating.”

“Less focus on the “North” – in my opinion, it feels like there is too much emphasis on Northern cities, and too much of showing off Salford/MediaCityUK.”

“Sitting in an office”

“Repeats of the same shows over and over again.”

“Less time of advertisements”

“Try not to do youngish stuff in the afternoons. It should be grownup stuff. Teenage.”

Other comments…

“Apart from that criticism, I would like to say well done to CBBC for another spectacular year of getting amongst it with the nation and also for welcoming the next generation of stars as the old ones depart to another world like Helen Skelton, Ben Hanlin and Iain Stirling, wish you all the best xxx”

“New idents to go with the brilliant CBBC logo”

“I would like cbbc to broadcast from 6am till 9pm”

“I would like to add more CBBC guests like Helen and barney,wolf blood cast.”

“CBBC is one of my favourite channels.”

“you are great but you need to update the cbbc office”

“I think you really need an app or apps.”

“The continuity links are childish. It is very annoying for mature children watching.”

“CBBC is epic”

“I think they should have a wider audience.”

One comment on “The CBBC Blog’s 2013 Survey Results

  1. This is aimed at 6-12 year olds ya know, if they put teenage programmes on it would be innaropriate, and if they put it on at 9:00 then kids would go to bed to late!

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