Over a six week period over the summer we asked all CBBC fans from children to parents to come take part in out CBBC Blog 2012 Survey. We introduced the survey because CBBC announced Cheryl Taylor as new controller of CBBC back in June and we thought it would be a great time to review CBBC as a whole. The survey was broken down into 10 blocks asking an arrange of questions. Here is our summary of the results for the CBBC Blog 2012 Survey. To see the full list of results Click Here.

To start off we ask everyone to take part in our CBBC Blog 2012 Survey. 78 people took part in the survey by the end, However we could only count 73 due to 5 being incomplete.

We started the survey by asking a little about who was taking the survey. 38 Male and 35 Female took the survey with the 13-17 year olds taking the survey the most. We then asked how often do you watch the CBBC Channel. Most of people said they watch the CBBC Channel on average for more than 90 minutes a day, However from our results we can also see that as the week goes on less people watch the channel. For example on average Monday 7% (5) of people don’t watch the CBBC Channel but on a Friday 11% (8) and on Sunday 23% (17) don’t watch the CBBC Channel at all.

After asking a bit about them we then found out what they thought about CBBC. We started with asking 7 general questions. The highest results; 47% of people thought the CBBC logo was good, 36% also thought the idents were good, 53% thought the presenters were brilliant, 40% thought the CBBC Channel schedule was good, 38% also thought the website was good and 32% of people rated the CBBC Extra service average.

We then went on to ask what their favourite two shows were in the following 4 categories. Entertainment, Magazine or Live Shows, Comedy or Cartoon Shows, Factual Shows and Drama Shows. Here are the top 3 shows for each category.

Entertainment, Magazine or Live Shows;

1st – Blue Peter

2nd – Friday Download

3rd – Newsround

Comedy or Cartoon Shows;

1st – Dani’s House

2nd – Da Dick and Dom Dairies

3rd – Bear Behaving Badly

Factual Shows;

1st – Horrible Histories 

2nd – 12 Again

3rd – All Over the Place

Drama Shows;

1st – Tracy Beaker Returns

2nd – The Sarah Jane Adventures

3rd – M.I. High

The penultimate part of the survey was to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The highest results; 67% of people said CBBC offers enough variety of shows, 90% thought CBBC shows were made to a good standard, 90% also thought CBBC should have a Saturday live morning show, 85% thought CBBC delivers for it’s audience, Only 70% thought CBBC was doing enough for it’s audience and 71% thought CBBC should appeal to a bigger audience like changing the current age range.

The final part of the survey was optional part for people to leave comments. Here are just some the comments left^;

“I think CBBC should try to add some older shows…”


“…they should do a proper saturday morning show….. they should have a proper studio for links not just the cbbc office.”


“I have answered this survey as a mum to two boys aged six and nine years old…..I love the way that the CBBC presenters communicate with the children and don’t patronise them.  CBBC (and CBeebies when they were younger) makes the license fee worthwhile…..I wish the TV for adults was as organised, well structured, and varied for adults.”


“…You could try adding more things with teenagers…”


“I think CBBC is great!”


“I think that CBBC should bring back the item lamp post in”




“CBBC is a great but I think it could be improve. Just like everything you will improve in time and different ideas will come alone…..but you are doing a great job!”


“I sincerely think that some of the shows that you have on CBBC should be for teens between the ages of 13-16…..for example Young Dracula has a very teenage feel to it. Like in series 2 when the Count and Magda were fighting with the garlic guns.”


“Have more live and interactive shows.”


“I think you should make the website better for finding games and shows.”


“Try and put a wider range of programs on during a day…”


“I enjoy watching CBBC, However I think that Iain Stirling and Chris Johnson are not good enough presenters as they act in a strange way. They should act more like Helen and Barney from Blue Peter…”


“I love iain and hacker.”


“Have more drama shows instead of game shows…”


“I think that CBBC is great as it is. Thank you.”


“Although it may cost a lot, they could have fewer repeats. Also, the CBBC ‘office’ between programs could have better special effects and story plots…..I think Blue Peter has gone down hill a lot from a few years ago, it just doesn’t seem as well made as it used too and the hosts seem less prepared…”


“Personally liked the older look with the yellow idents and the green blob era. Seemed a better range of programmes in that era. Would be nice to see CBBC airing some classic shows…..I preferred the CBBC look when it was at BBC TV Centre, rather than at Media City, ie. the studio. It seems too bright. They ought to have a more spacious set, maybe going back to having a studio set, rather than an office set….Would also like to see an end of the Digital On-Screen Graphic in the top left corner of the screen on the CBBC channel – it’s very distracting!…”

That brings us to the end of the CBBC Blog 2012 Survey summary. We like to say thank you to everyone who took part.

We would like to know what you think about the results? Do you agree or disagree with the results and what been said? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

^ Some comments have been shortened or slightly edited to fit in the summary. To see the full list of comments and results Click Here

4 comments on “CBBC BLOG: 2012 SURVEY SUMMARY

  1. Most of the CBBC show are fine but for some of the show like ‘Sadie J’ and the ‘My Life’ documentaries have music in the background which if the song was heard fully the music would be inappropriate. Also if an artist’s name or song is heard on these shows then the curious minded children will type the artist’s name in to Google and they’ll probably end up with a Wikipedia page or something like that but a You Tube video might come up and for some of these songs, not all of them, the video will be inappropriate for the age group that CBBC is aimed at.

  2. maybe like a rap show with the guy name nathan from 4 O’Clock Club doc brown as himself and he will show you how to be a rapper and also rap with clebirty guest

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